Versions different in UI vs the database

  • The web UI (when I log in as an admin) reports one version, but when I look in the database (the version table), I see a different version.

    What is the deal?

  • Re: the version, one is the product version, the other is the schema version. The version found in the version db table represents the schema version. If there were no schema changes in an update, then when you upgrade that db record will be not modified.

    For example, version 1.29.0 was entirely a code release, with no schema changes. So the version table in the database will remain at 1.28.0, the last version with database changes.

    However, the value stored in the version table is really only used for internal purposes and we make no promises of backwards compatibility for this data.

    If you want an official way to identify the product version you can use the Version API:

  • However, a new install will always have the same schema version as the product version. So a clean install of 1.29.0 will always show a schema version of 1.29.0.

    This does not necessary mean there is a migration for 1.29.0. The correct way to know which versions have a schema migration is to extract the contents of the database-schema zip. It will also be noted on the release notes.

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