The FusionAuth roadmap

  • This post has been superseded by the official FusionAuth roadmap guidance document.

    We often get questions from users and clients asking about when a particular feature will be implemented or can be expected. We love our community and a large part of our development effort is directed by feedback from the community. We also love our customers and want to make sure their needs are met as well.

    Viewing the roadmap

    If you're a paying customer and need to know about delivery of specific features, please open a support ticket with your questions.

    If you're a community member, the best place to look is the issues list project which provides a short term roadmap. You can sort the larger issues list by the number of 👍 votes which is a good proxy for our future development effort. Worth noting: our roadmap is fluid. Our development efforts are responsive both to community needs and customer needs, so the above are general guides and not hard and fast commitments.

    Giving feedback

    If you're a paying customer and need support for a particular feature, please open a support ticket. We're happy to do our best to prioritize such requests.

    If you're a community member, please vote on issues with a thumbs up 👍.

    Ensuring a feature is built on a guaranteed schedule

    Sometimes you just can't wait! We get it. If you'd like to pay us to build a feature, please contact us and ask about professional services.

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