Kafka integration

  • Hello, new here. Successfully setup Kafka integration and i see the test message sent when i test from the UI. Shouldn't I also see messages when a user is created, etc.? All I seem to be able to get to show is the test message. My objective is to use fusionauth with a custom user database and to take action on the custom database when a new user is created. I figured linking in to the events via Kafka would be better than webhooks. Please advise. Thank you in advance.

  • I once had a quite similar problem while using Kafka for the database at work.
    Of course, I had to try quite a lot of different things until I’ve even found the problem. Turned out to be our servers who just weren’t up to the task of handling the message logs. To combat this, I came up with the solution of transferring our whole system into a cloud.

    At first this seemed like too much work, but thanks to a clever software I managed to do it just in time for annual revision. So I really recommend using a system like this: https://aiven.io/kafka in order to save you time. Hope I could help…

  • Hi @cody-braddock ,

    Sorry for the late response, this slipped my notice.

    What version of FusionAuth are you running?

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