Can FusionAuth Handle Stripe Payments and MinIO File Uploads?

  • Found someone to teach me integrating Hasura and FusionAuth. Someone told me that FusionAuth can be flexible to the point that it can have function for Stripe Payments and MinIO file uploads. Is that really true? I'm not giving up with FusionAuth yet. Just so hard for newbies to learn it due to the lack of Youtube tutorials. I really hope you can help newbies like me to integrate FusionAuth with anything... Like in my case...

    Hasura + FusionAuth + Gatsby

  • @mrstudyfirst

    You could store stripe customer ids in the fusionauth data object. I guess you could use a javascript solution like stripe's checkout.js to take payments on the registration page, but I haven't tried to do that.

    I'm not sure about file uploads. You can't upload images to FusionAuth but if minio lets you upload a file to an object store like s3 and just store a reference in the user's profile, that could work.

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