Verification email is not sent to the specific user

  • The tenant's SMTP setting are correct and test emails are successfully delivered. I'm evaluating the FusionAuth right now and often delete/re-create users with the same emails. Verification emails are delivered to all users but one. The only thing that distinguishes the problem user from the others is the fact I initially registered him via Facebook identity provider, so his email was automatically verified. After that I deleted the user and trying to register it with just an email (not Facebook). And emails are not delivered. Manually sent SMTP test emails to that address also delivered successfully.

  • Hmmm.

    Did you delete the user via the API? Was it a soft delete or a hard delete? I'm just wondering if the user was completely gone or if there was some data left around.

    Is there any other difference between the users which receive the verification emails and the one who does not, or is the FB setup the only difference?

  • I deleted all users via admin GUI. I'm not sure what is hard or soft delete. I have entered the DELETE word to confirm the deletion.
    Yes, the only difference is the initial registration via Facebook.
    On the Source tab in the raw data for the user it has {verified: false}, but in the registration data it shows as verified {registrations: [{applicationId: '...', verified: true}]}
    Like If the registration has been cached between user deletion/creation attempts. I hope it helps.

  • OK, sounds like a possible bug to me. Can you please file (with recreation steps) here:


  • For anyone else, the bug filed is here:

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