Cockroach Compatibility problem on Connector Signin

  • So far we are using fusionauth with cockroachdb as our database. PW Logins are working.

    Right now the only remaining problem we see is with:

          FROM user_registrations_application_roles USING user_registrations
          WHERE user_registrations_application_roles.user_registrations_id = AND (...)
      Hint: You have attempted to use a feature that is not yet implemented.

    I cannot see the remainder of the query, but would it be possible to remove the "USING"?

  • Would it be possible to change the Query to something like:

      user_registrations_id IN 
   = user_registrations_application_roles.application_roles_id

  • Hi @michael-schramm,

    If you could provide a bit more context to your issue, we could perhaps give a few pointers, but unfortunately, I believe this is outside of our accepted/documented use guidelines. FusionAuth is supported using MySQL and Postgres (documentation here).


  • I would add to what @joshua said that this is definitely outside our supported scope. You definitely get kudos for being adventurous when it comes to pushing the bounds of FusionAuth, though! 🥇 🙂

    What seems like it might be a minor SQL query change could have ramifications across different databases, including performance degradation. I'm sure you understand we'd need to test this change and incorporate it into our ongoing support matrix. Not trivial, unfortunately.

    If this is an absolute requirement, you can definitely contact us about a professional services engagement/enterprise support contract and we could price out making these changes. Our queue is pretty full right now, so it might be a while until we could get to it, but always happy to chat.

  • 😄 no worries around it.

    Cockroach itself provides great support to run within kubernetes / running in multiple availability zones with automated sharding. (not the average use case^^)

    whenever it will be fixed on the cockroach side then I will of course report here if it works.

    So far we are using fusionauth with cockroachdb and this is the only error that has pooped up till now.

  • @michael-schramm,

    Perfect! Do let us know if you get it fixed and up and running!


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