Set time server for FusionAuth container

  • We've noticed that after rolling out our container for FusionAuth on Azure Container Groups that we're seeing a slight, multi-second time drift compared to the other containers we have. We're able to correct other containers and point to a central time server with ntp, but I'm not seeing ntp as an option on the default FusionAuth container. Is there a default timeserver setting in the container?

  • Hi @erikh!

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    I might need more details, as I have only a functional familiarity with Docker and container orchestration. As I understand it, NTP is a service that can be added to your container. But like I said, I might need more context to fully understand your issue. A quick look through the Dockerfile and docker-compose does not show any timeserver options being enabled.

    Any other details about what you have tried, potential pitfalls that you are seeing, or errors may be useful.

    I am also posting here (perhaps perfunctorily), the available documentation on FusionAuth for docker installation:

    The repo supporting FusionAuth containers is here:

    The docker files are here as well:

    Thanks and let us know. Happy to assist you in resolution as able.


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