Unable to send Magic Link (Test mail works fine)

  • I've set up FusionAuth app locally, added SMTP configuration and enabled Passwordless login. When I enter the email in Passwordless login window and click on send, I get the following popup, but I'm not receiving the email that contains the magic link.


    I checked the logs to see if I can find something, but wasn't able to find anything there.

    What could be the issue here? (I've sent test mails, so the SMTP conf should be fine)

  • @vignesh,

    There are a lot of potential issues that could be at play. Any additional information about your configuration/error logs might be helpful. Also, have you reviewed our documentation here regarding passwordless?

    Also, as a quick take, you could install something like Mailcatcher to further check to see if the mails are even being sent.


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