What is an easy way to set up a dev env after having a running production environment?

  • What is an easy way to set up a dev environment by cloning a running production environment?

  • ❗ Move slowly - make sure to fully decouple production and dev instances.

    Some pointers or guideposts--

    Assuming you're running on your own infrastructure.

    1. Clone the production FusionAuth DB
    2. Point a new dev installation to it


    • If you have webhooks enabled that may start making requests out to prod infrastructure from a new “dev” instance.
    • If you do have webhooks, you could start it up air-gapped and then disable everything that could contact an external system before you enable outbound traffic.
    • As long as the dev instances are the same version or greater it should work. You wouldn’t be able to attach the db to an instance running an older version than the schema.

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