Multiple authentication possibilities

  • I think FusionAuth has a lot of potential. We were looking into switching from our own Authentication implementation to FusionAuth.
    However, we have the following problem. Our users can bypass the password login with a login with pin code or biometrics. FusionAuth only seems to have password login and MFA. Is there a way for us to use the plugin system to have users authenticate with different "passwords" of which the actual password is the master password?

    So basically:

    1. user login with password ==> OK
    2. user login with pin/biometrics code ==> how do we do that?


  • I now figured out that we should locally store a refresh token behind the biometrics/pin code lock and use that to request a new token.

  • @maarten,

    Glad that you got this working! If you have any other tips about how you got it working, that might help other users in a similar situation.

    Glad it worked out!


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