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  • Hi everybody. 🙂

    I managed to install FusionAuth on Ubuntu. Went by the official guides and ran

    sh -c "curl -fsSL | sh -s - -z"

    Taken from

    This properly installed FusionAuth. After some fiddling around with the database setup, I can now run /var/lib/fusionauth/bin/ and FusionAuth will be up and running.

    According to the documentation, services for systemd should have been installed, but that somehow didn't happen. So I can't call systemctl start fusionauth-app, also there is no file at /etc/init.d/fusionauth-app.

    In order to still have FA running as a service, I created a quick systemd service configuration:


    Sadly, this doesn't work. Does anyone have a working service definition or are there some templates?

  • Hmmm. I think you might be looking for the deb installation method, rather than the zipfile. has the links.

  • @dan said in Systemd service template:

    To Add to what @dan mentioned, you can install .deb or .rpm packages using the fast path install method. It will default to zip file installation.

    For additional ways to call it - see the Fast Path install guide.

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