We understand that sometimes you want to "kick the tires" to ensure that a feature will work for you, especially if you are going to pay for it.

You have two main options.

The first, which gives you the most flexibility, is to do the following:

Install the FusionAuth community edition somewhere (see the installation guide for all the options) Sign up for a developer license trial. This will require you to enter your credit card, but it will not be charged for the length of the trial (2 weeks at the time I write this). Follow the directions on the reactor page to install the license and activate the features. Cancel the trial at the end of the two weeks or before, if the features don't meet your needs. (We'd love feedback on how they didn't meet your needs, too! Please file issues to help us improve.)

The second option, which requires a lot less work but will give you less control, is to use the sandbox site. This lives at https://sandbox.fusionauth.io/ . With this option, you don't need to enter your credit card, sign up for an account or remember to cancel. This instance has a valid developer license, allowing access to all the premium features.

However, there are limitations:

Any information you enter is public and can be viewed by anyone else looking at the sandbox at the same time The sandbox environment is reset regularly to a known state, so your changes will be wiped at that time.