SOLVED Configuration Fails

  • Hi All,

    First time user of the FusionAuth App. Some relevant information to start off.

    Hosting: digital ocean
    Database: mysql -v 8
    server: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64

    Essentially I can access the maintenance-mode-database-configuration page, i input the information for the database and users as required. After submission I can see the schema in the DB, but I get the 'This page isn’t working' in the browser and then cannot progress any further to exit maintenance mode or start up etc.

    Any ideas welcome!

    Many thanks!

  • I found that winding back the version of mysql to 5.7 allowed the install. Perhaps 8 is not supported yet?

  • Hi @reece-temple ,

    Welcome to the community! I am glad you are here.

    For some context as to why you may be seeing this; we don't ship the mysql driver, but instead download it at first use, due to licensing issues. Sometimes there are file permission issues when we try to write it, or there is no outbound network access.

    As to a fix, can you confirm a couple of things? This will help me diagnose the problem.

    1. Are you connected to the internet via the FusionAuth server?
    2. Where is your .jar file?
    3. Are you receiving an error in your log that begins with 'Error: An attempt to download the MySQL connector jar failed.' ?

    I also found a related thread on a similar issue here if that could be helpful.


  • Hi @akira

    I have the logs, but nothing like what you said, the server is connected to the internet, and the chmod on the folders is writeable.

    I checked out the related article, but I am not sure how to resolve the issues.

  • Hi @reece-temple,

    Can you confirm you created the My-Sql database when you created your Digital Ocean droplet?

    If you have any screenshots of error messages that you are seeing either on your browser or your command line, that would help as well.

    Thank you!


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