startup Self-Service Registration?

  • Joshua, I have been trying for over a year to get an answer to why my passwordless login is failing. I do have it working in another part of my application so I know it works.

    I also know that fusionAuth is interested in signing up paid users and i am aware of my Linkedin (which i don't really use for security reasons) being perused by some of your marketing people. I just don't know how you get signups without customer success?

    I am ready to launch and need to get the passwordless working. Is there a consulting arraignment I could set up to fix this one little issue? You must know an ex-FA employee who would like to make a few extra $?

  • @richb201

    Thanks for the update! I definitely understand the struggle of getting an integration to work the way that you expect it to. I see that my colleagues have (re)posted your help requested posts; hopefully, someone from the community can lend a helping hand!


  • Thanks. I read the Modern Guide to Oauth yesterday. In it I see that this code is being used to condition the URL prior to sending.

    function base64URLEncode(str) {
      return str.toString('base64')
        .replace(/\+/g, '-')
        .replace(/\//g, '_')
        .replace(/=/g, '');

    I don't know what language this is in. Where can I find a php version?

    I also saw a document up here on porting from fusionAuth to auth0. I am considering going the other way. Do you guys have a document describing how to do that?

  • @richb201

    That code is javascript. You should be able to use a function like to do the same.

    We don't have any documentation on moving to Auth0. Here's info on import users to Auth0: but I haven't tested that. Looks like you need to build a JSON file to import users:

    You'll probably want to read directly from the FusionAuth database.

    Not sure about the other configuration.

    Sorry to hear FusionAuth didn't meet your needs, but I hope your app is a wild success!

  • Hey Dan. It has been a long time! I just can't get past the passwordless problem I have with fusionAuth. Your help has been stellar but I really need to hire someone to get me over the "hump". Seems like there are not too many people out there that have a working knowledge of FA. I have tried to find one! Can't hire help and can't get community help leaves me with no options.

    I took a look at and will try to switch over to using this method since it seems well documented. I will probably need to find someone to update the themes if I get it going. Good luck on that!

    I really like the diagram which shows the message flows in it. Is there a document, just like oauth-authorization-code-grant-sessions but for passwordless? That diagram, but for passwordless, would definately help.

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