Multiple Admins

  • Is it possible to have multiple admins on a single FusionAuth instance? I created an "admin" group with all the permissions selected and then added a new user to this group. When I tried to login using this new user, I get this message

    Your account does not have permissions to access the FusionAuth Admin Interface. Please contact your system administrator.

  • Hi,

    I'm running 1.16.1 and was able to add another admin. I did the following:

    • added a admins group in the Groups tab. The only role I added to this group was the FusionAuth / admin role.
    • added the user in the Users tab. I added the user to the admins group. I also added a registration for the FusionAuth application.

    I was then able to open up an incognito window and log in as that new user.

    It doesn't matter what group a user is in, if they don't have a registration for an application, they won't be authorized to use it. More here:

    Please let me know if that works for you.

  • I totally forgot to add the register the user manually to the FusionAuth application. It is working now, thank you!