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  • I've got a question about logout.

    When logging in using the /oauth2/token route with the auth code grant, it seems the /api/logout route does not revoke the refresh token.

    Is intended? Is the best way to log out in this case is with the /ouath2/logout route? How does that know which user to log out? there's no user id or refresh token property in the body.

  • Yes, this is intended. This logs the user out by killing their HTTP session. It is all handled with cookies.

    Revoking Refresh Tokens is considered a back channel logout which we don’t support in the OAuth portion of things. But you can use /api/logout if you want - it is just designed to remove cookies.


    The purpose of the /oauth2/logout is to remove the SSO session, and call each of your configured logout URLs per application.

    These logout URLs then would do whatever “logout” means for you. It may be removing your own HTTP session, or removing a refresh token for a particular application(s). Then the final step is to redirect to the final URL.

  • @dan: "...call each of your configured logout URLs per application."

    • Do we have many logout URLs?

    As you suggested, /api/logout removes cookies, what should I do to remove the SSO Session from the Native App itself?

    Basically, from the Android App, when we call /api/logout & remove any locally saved state info, and then redirect to the Login page, as the FusionAuth session is still active, it just redirects back to the Consent screen and therefore back to the Application. Literally making the user not able to switch the accounts, until the fusionauth session is terminated.

    If /api/logout doesn't end the fusionauth session, I am left with only 1 option (with as much I've understood)

    • Logout Action in the app.
    • Redirects to FusionAuth SSO Page
    • Redirects back to the Custom Consent Screen (as FA session is active)
    • I add a "LOGOUT COMPLETELY" button redirecting to /oauth2/logout page with post_logout_uri to /signin-back page (containing a single button "Sign In Again")
    • FA Logout Progress
    • Redirects to /signin-back
    • Signin Back Button action to APP
    • Finally APP opens, checks AuthState to be false
    • Authroize() redirects to /oauth2/login

    But I sincerely feel, this is too much, am I mistaken somewhere? There must be some best practices, which I want to know.

    Thank you

  • when we call /api/logout & remove any locally saved state info

    Can you try to send the user to /oauth2/logout directly? They'll be returned to the logout URL configured in the application. Will that not work?

  • Hello Dan!

    Aah! that should work, with still having the /signin-back button to take me to the app.


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