How can I turn on two factor authentication?

  • I want to use two factor authentication (2fa) with FusionAuth. Not sure if I'll use Twilio or Google Authenticator, but how do I turn it on?

  • You can enable it using the Two Factor API.

    You can also enable it in the admin UI in one of two ways:

    • if you want to turn it on for yourself, go to your user details screen and then click 'Enable Two Factor' from the dropdown in the upper right hand corner.
    • if you want to turn it on for other users, go to their user details screen and then click 'Edit Profile' from the dropdown in the upper right hand corner. From there you should be able to enable Two Factor authentication.

    If the user wants to use SMS, you must enable the Twilio integration otherwise the SMS option won't be present. If you want to use a MFA app on your phone that uses TOTP like Google Authenticator, you do not have the enable the Twilio integration. Here's a tutorial about using an app like Google Authenticator with FusionAuth.

  • It's good that this function is present here, because many people don't even know what goes to stand for. Personally, I connect one time password generator in each of my projects, which significantly improves the security of my users. The quality of otp security directly depends on the service used and its functionality, so you always need to conduct a reserch at the beginning. Now I am considering different options in search of new offers and this service really interested me.

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