fusionauth doesn't open

  • I installed fusionauth following the 5-minutes setup guide on my Linux Pc ( elementary os hera 5.1 ). It installed successfully and when I run the start command in my terminal I see this "Starting fusionauth-search ... skipped, not installed
    Starting fusionauth-app ... done.
    --> Logging to /home/presh/Documents/fusionauth/bin/../logs/fusionauth-app.log" but localhost:9011 doesn't open, it loads forever.

    Screenshot of my log file
    Screenshot from 2021-04-29 23-17-26.png
    Screenshot from 2021-04-29 23-17-34.png Screenshot from 2021-04-29 23-18-36.png Screenshot from 2021-04-29 23-18-39.png Screenshot from 2021-04-29 23-18-42.png

  • You're getting an error during Tomcat startup while trying to bind 9011. FusionAuth will bind 9011 by default, so if you have anything else listening on that port startup will fail.

    You can shut down anything else using that port, or change the default port FusionAuth is using so that you don't conflict with other valid services on the system.

    See the config reference for changing the ports. ( FUSIONAUTH_APP_HTTP_PORT )

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