Google login sometimes fails without error

  • I'm trying to get Google login to work with the latest FusionAuth (1.26.1) and Chrome (90.0.4430.93). In 2 out of 3 profiles, it works fine: A window pops up to authorize the app, I click okay, the FusionAuth login form dims and shows a spinning icon, and then it redirects to my app.

    In the third profile, the first two things happen but the last two don't. If I click Login with Google again, the Google-hosted window pops up for a second then immediately closes, but FusionAuth again does nothing more (no dimming or spinning icon). Nothing in the console, nothing in the FusionAuth event log (IdP debug is enabled). The only thing that happens is a POST to Any ideas on how to debug this?

  • @trevorr Ok, I think I found the cause: the Privacy Badger extension. Not sure if it's fixable or worth fixing.

  • @trevorr,

    Based on what I am seeing here, I don't believe this is an issue with FusionAuth, but if you discover something else, please let us know and we can file a bug report.

    As you might have indicated, my instincts are telling me you had a popup rule blocking the required dialogs or that something in Privacy Badger does not like a combination of the "post" and something else about that URL. You could try disabling certain "privacy rules/settings" (not very familiar with Privacy Badger) to see if that alleviates your problem.

    Let me know if you find anything further!


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