fusionauth mysql driver error

  • I have a newbie question, when installing in maintenance mode on windows, i have a backend MySQL instance with fustionauth schema created, but the setup fails with missing jar in spite of placing the MySQL jar in webinf/lib with

    2021-01-11 4:37:57.874 PM ERROR com.inversoft.maintenance.db.JDBCMaintenanceModeDatabaseService - No [MySQL] Driver found. The [Connector/J jar] may be missing or not be accessible.

    I have placed the mysql-connector-jar-8.0.21 in the webinf location. Any pointers on how i can get the app running?

  • @anotherrohit welcome to the FusionAuth community!

    Does the FusionAuth server with the issue have internet access?

    Where exactly did you place the jar file? Did you restart the FusionAuth service afterwards?


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