FusionAuth is under active development. We often get questions from users and clients asking about when a particular feature will be implemented or can be expected.

”Alas, it is always dangerous to prophesy, particularly about the future.” - Danish proverb

We love our community and a large part of our development effort is directed by feedback from the community. We also love our paying customers and want to make sure their needs are met as well.

Viewing the Roadmap

If you’re a paying customer and need delivery timelines for specific features, please open a support ticket with your questions. We’ll get back to you with answers.

If you’re a community member, it is best to review the issues project which provides a short term roadmap (what we are currently working on, what is on deck). You can also review issues to be resolved in the next few releases in the milestones view.

You can sort the full issues list by the number of votes which is a good indicator of future development efforts.

It’s important to note that our roadmap is fluid. Our development efforts are responsive both to community and customer needs. When you view the lists above, please take them as general guides and not hard and fast commitments.

Giving Feedback

If you’re a paying customer and need a particular feature, please open a support ticket. We’re happy to do our best to prioritize such requests.

If you’re a community member, please vote on issues with a thumbs up. As mentioned above, we actively incorporate the number of community votes when planning development efforts.

You can also file feature requests; please be as detailed as possible about the problem, use cases, and desired solutions.


Every FusionAuth release has both features and bug fixes. We appreciate detailed bug reports with replication steps, version information, log output and as much information as possible. After all, it’s difficult to fix a bug without being able to reproduce it.

We prioritize bug fixes based on the impact of the issue, how many users are affected, estimated effort and other factors.

Backwards Compatibility

Integrating an auth system isn’t an easy decision. We believe in semantic versioning and backwards compatibility.

We will note any deprecated functionality in the API documentation, which is the source of truth for FusionAuth functionality.

In rare cases where backwards compatibility can’t be maintained, we’ll give as much warning as possible, including forum posts, release notes and in-application messages.

Some functionality, however, is more liable to change. See Tech Preview Features for more information.

If You Require a Feature

Sometimes you just can’t wait for a feature to be finished through the normal development process! We get it.

If you’d like to pay us to build a feature, please contact us and ask about professional services. Please note that such a contract usually requires an Enterprise edition contract.


There are a number of ways to be notified of new releases.


Tech Preview Features

As FusionAuth continues to evolve, we introduce new features. Sometimes these features are fully baked, other times they change based on feedback from users and customers.

If we expect the latter, we will label a feature “Tech Preview” in the release notes. While we never release functionality without planning for backwards compatibility, the “Tech Preview” label means we expect the labelled functionality to change in such a way that may break backwards compatibility.

Premium Features

FusionAuth has features that are not part of the community edition, but require a paid license to use. We believe that every developer deserves to use world class authentication and authorization, which is why we continue to invest in the free community edition. But, we are also building a sustainable business, so we invest in paid features as well.

We will clearly mark these features as requiring a paid license in the documentation. You can learn more about these features here.

These are known as paid features, premium features or advanced features as well.