API Overview

1. Overview

The core of FusionAuth is a set of RESTful APIs that allow you to quickly integrate login, registration and advanced User management features into your application. The FusionAuth web UI is built upon these APIs, with the exception of managing API keys everything in the UI is available through an API.

When you send a JSON request body to a FusionAuth API ensure you have added the following HTTP header Content-Type: application/json. If your REST client has a JSON body option is is likely setting this header for you, but if you are building your own HTTP request ensure this header is provided on the request.

If you need assistance with any of these APIs please open a GitHub Issue.

The APIs are grouped into the following categories.

  • Tenants - These APIs allow you to manage Tenants (CRUD operations).

  • Applications - Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete Applications and Application Roles

  • Users - Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete Users, Search for Users, Bulk Import and Password Management

  • Registration - These APIs allow you to manage the relationship between Users and Applications, also known as Registrations (CRUD operations).

  • Groups - These APIs allow you to manage Groups (CRUD operations) as well Group membership.

  • Login - These APIs allow you authenticate Users.

  • Identity Providers - These APIs allow you manage Identity Providers for federating logins.

  • Integrations - These APIs allow you to manage FusionAuth integrations such as Kafka, Twilio and CleanSpeak.

  • JSON Web Tokens - These APIs allow you to manage Refresh Tokens, verify Access Tokens and retrieve public keys used for verifying JWT signatures.

  • User Actions - These APIs allow you to manage User Actions which are the definitions of actions that can be taken on Users (CRUD operations).

  • User Action Reasons - These APIs allow you to manage User Action Reasons which are used when you action Users (CRUD operations).

  • User Comments - These APIs allow retrieve or create comments on Users.

  • Actioning Users - These APIs allow you to take actions on Users or modify previous actions (CRUD operations).

  • Email - These APIs allow you both manage Email Templates (CRUD operations) as well as send emails to Users.

  • Webhooks - These APIs allow you manage Webhooks (CRUD operations).

  • Reports - These APIs allow you retrieve reporting information from FusionAuth.

  • Audit Logs - These APIs allow you update or query the Audit Log.

  • System - These APIs allow you to retrieve and update the system configuration.

  • Status - This API provides you status information about FusionAuth.

Note: Null values in JSON are not allowed on any of the FusionAuth APIs. If you are looking to pass in a null value, simply omit it from your request instead. This will allow FusionAuth to handle default values correctly.