FusionAuth CLI

The FusionAuth command line interface (CLI) tool allows you to manipulate FusionAuth from the command line. The focus of the CLI is on allowing easy management of commonly modified customization code and markup, such as emails, themes or lambdas. It is not a full featured replacement for any of the client libraries, which wrap all of the API.


The CLI tool requires node. It’s tested with version 19 but should work with modern versions of node.


You can install this using npm.

npm i -g @fusionauth/cli

Then you can run commands.

fusionauth theme:download -k <APIKEY> <themeid>

# modify your theme

fusionauth theme:upload -k <APIKEY> <themeid>

To learn more about the commands, use the --help switch.

fusionauth --help


To update to the most recent version, use npm update.

npm update -g @fusionauth/cli


This tool allows you to easily retrieve and publish FusionAuth configurations from the command line.

This includes:

The CLI is designed to work with complex version controlled configuration and includes support for localized content.

Source Code

The FusionAuth CLI is open source.

You can view the source code and the the npm package.