Kickstart Success

Kickstart Success

This event has been available since 1.30.0

This event is generated when kickstart has successfully completed.

Event type

Event Scope

This is a system scoped event. If enabled in Settings -> Webhooks -> Your Webhook, this event will be sent.

The tenant webhook enable or disable settings do not apply and will be ignored.

Transaction Compatibility

This event is non-transactional. The operation will succeed regardless of the webhook response status code.

Event Body


The instant that the event was generated.


The unique Id of the event. You may receive an event more than once based upon your transaction settings. This Id may be used to identify a duplicate event.


The FusionAuth instance Id.


The event type, this value will always be kickstart.success.

Example Event JSON

  "event": {
    "createInstant": 1629434864788,
    "id": "1ceffdea-2748-43d6-8972-004e5fffc8e8",
    "instanceId": "4c4f459a-cff5-4b11-95e8-8027759d2526",
    "type": "kickstart.success"