Kickstart Success

Kickstart Success

This event has been available since 1.30.0

This event is generated when kickstart has successfully completed.

Event type

Event Scope

This is a system scoped event. If enabled in Settings -> Webhooks -> Your Webhook, this event will be sent.

The tenant webhook enable or disable settings do not apply and will be ignored.

Transaction Compatibility

This event is non-transactional. The operation will succeed regardless of the webhook response status code.

Event Body


The instant that the event was generated.[UUID]

The unique Id of the event. You may receive an event more than once based upon your transaction settings. This Id may be used to identify a duplicate event.


The FusionAuth instance Id.


The event type, this value will always be kickstart.success.

Example Event JSON
  "event": {
    "createInstant": 1629434864788,
    "id": "1ceffdea-2748-43d6-8972-004e5fffc8e8",
    "instanceId": "4c4f459a-cff5-4b11-95e8-8027759d2526",
    "type": "kickstart.success"