OpenID Connect Reconcile

OpenID Connect Reconcile lambda

When an OpenID Connect identity provider is used to complete a federated login request FusionAuth will use well known OpenID Connect claims to reconcile user.

It is common that the claims returned from the Userinfo endpoint during an OpenID Connect login request will contain custom claims defined by your identity provider. In order to utilize these custom claims you may wish to use a lambda assist FusionAuth during the login request to reconcile these claims to the FusionAuth user.

When you create a new lambda using the FusionAuth UI we will provide you an empty function for you to implement. If you are using the API to create the lambda you will need to ensure your function has the following signature:

function reconcile(user, registration, jwt) {
  // Lambda code goes here

This lambda must contain a function named reconcile that takes three parameters. The parameters that the lambda is passed are:

  • user - the FusionAuth User object

  • registration - the FusionAuth UserRegistration object

  • jwt - the JSON payload returned from the OpenID Connect Userinfo endpoint

The two FusionAuth objects are well documented here in the User API and Registration API documentation. The JWT object that contains the payload from the Userinfo endpoint may contain well known OpenID Connect registered claims as well as any custom claims defined by the identity provider.

Assigning the lambda

Once a lambda is created, you may assign it to one or more OpenID Connect IdPs in the IdP configuration.

Example lambda

Here is an example of a simple Lambda that assists FusionAuth to reconcile the User from a successful GitHub login request.

function reconcile(user, registration, jwt) {
  // This is an example lambda function reconcile the GitHub login

  // Set GitHub Avatar URL to the FusionAuth imageURL
  user.imageUrl = jwt.avatar_url;

  // Update the registration username to the GitHub short name
  registration.username = jwt.login;

  // Store the company and location returned from GitHub in custom user data. = || {}; =; = jwt.location;

  // Create an event log of type 'Debug' when the lambda has Debug enabled
  console.debug('FusionAuth reconciled a User from GitHub and I helped!');

During development if you want to get a better idea of what your IdP is returning in the jwt object, you may print the contents of this object to the Event Log to help you write the lambda. Add the following line of code to your lambda to dump the entire object to an informational event log.

// Pretty print the jwt object to the Event Log, null, 2));