5-Minute Guide

5-Minute Guide

Welcome! At the end of this guide, you will know how to add login (sign in) and logout (sign out) to a Node.js application, using Express and Pug.

Intro to FusionAuth

When using FusionAuth, when your user begins the authentication process, you typically send them to FusionAuth. FusionAuth authenticates them and returns them to your application with a token indicating the login was successful.

With this architecture:

FusionAuth is available both as an installable piece of software and a SaaS service, so you have options. The software functionality is the same no matter where you run it.

Choose Your Own Adventure

One of FusionAuth’s unique attributes is the variety of places you can install it. Bare metal, cloud, container: yup. Windows, macOS, Linux: sure! You can learn more about different options in the installation guide. But for this guide, you’ll pick one of three options.

Please choose an option below to explore FusionAuth.

Each of these options will end up at the same place; you’ll have a functioning application with login and logout provided by FusionAuth.

Afterwards, you can dig deeper into a number of areas.

Next Steps

After completing this guide, here are typical next steps.

There are other docs, covering a variety of topics. Here are some popular ones.