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Let FusionAuth take care of hosting for you at public cloud sites worldwide.  

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What is FusionAuth Cloud?

Your very own, entirely managed, FusionAuth instance in the cloud, ranging from a simple Dev server to a High Availability fully replicated cluster with a defined SLA. Hosting prices vary based on your needs and our ​pricing calculator gives complete transparency on what you get and what you pay. You can choose the cloud option, the deployment region, and the level of hosting management to match each installation.

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It’s Your Cloud — We Just Manage It

You're the only customer on your server, you have complete access to the administrative user interface, can create API keys, and completely manage the instance via client libraries or APIs. Host it at any of 18 sites worldwide, and create custom URLs.

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Create Isolated Deployments

Create as many deployments of FusionAuth as you want — each one is isolated from the others — there is no shared database or network path between them. Done using them? Tear them down. You pay only for the time your deployments are running. 

Upgrade Whenever

Deployment not running the latest version of FusionAuth? Upgrade it whenever you want (preferably at a time that works well for your users.)

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Maintenance, Monitoring & Back-ups

It’s your cloud, but we take care of maintaining and monitoring it, providing 99.9% SLAs (more 9's can be arranged) and up-to-the-minute backups. If something goes wrong, our support team can restore your FusionAuth cloud instance from backed up files. 

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Security First

Security is a huge concern for organizations — we get it. FusionAuth Cloud offers advanced protections for your cloud as well as world-class security measures.