self host fusionauth server

Self-Host FusionAuth

Want to host on-premise? In your own cloud? Offline? We allow you to host your instance of FusionAuth wherever you’d like.

self host fusionauth server
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Take Total Control of Your Authentication

When you host your instance of FusionAuth, you have complete control over everything — host it from your cloud, on-premise, offline, from under your desk — wherever. Self-hosting gives you the ability to control flexibility and privacy, and of course, you own your data.

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Compliance Made Simple

Need to comply with data protection regulations and other governance requirements? FusionAuth lets you choose which set of standards your password strengths should be compliant with — and enforces those standards with users. 

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Keep Costs Low

When it comes to solutions and hosting, you can create your own, or shell out for an expensive, hosted solution. FusionAuth lets you save money by self-hosting while using our robust authentication tools. 

Easy migration to (or from) FusionAuth Cloud

Tired of hosting and want us to do it for you? No problem. Want to self host instead of using our solution? We got you. It’s simple to migrate your data and deployments to and from the FusionAuth cloud.

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What Customers are Saying About FusionAuth

You usually have two options: roll your own solution or leverage a very expensive service. FusionAuth provides us with a third option. It is a standardized solution that is robust and battle-tested. We can self-host, configure and extend it as desired and also integrate easily with SDKs and APIs.

Jason Musyj
Co-Founder & CTO
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“We were up and running with a self-hosted FusionAuth in a day...  and haven’t looked back since!

Matthew Reschke
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