migrate from auth0 to fusionauth

Migrate from Auth0 to FusionAuth

Auth0 and FusionAuth both provide authorization, authentication and user management.

Migrate to FusionAuth; you'll get more flexibility and control and save money at the same time.

migrate from auth0 to fusionauth
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Test FusionAuth

The community edition of FusionAuth can be downloaded and run for free. Test out integrations with other identity providers, including unlimited OIDC and SAML connections. Make sure it works for you. Download now.

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Export your Data

Export your users, password hashes, and other configuration from Auth0. With the password hash export, no password changes are required, and your users won't experience any disruption. Import other Auth0 configuration with the management API.

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Import Your Data

Import your user and password hashes using FusionAuth provided scripts. Migrate other entities such as Connections, Roles and Rules manually. Or, if you have a lot of configuration, script the migration using Auth0 and FusionAuth APIs.

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Featured Guide

There are a number of different ways applications can be integrated with Auth0, and it would be difficult to cover them all. This guide mentions the typical parts of a migration and in particular focuses on migrating user data from an Auth0 managed user database into FusionAuth.

create a tenant in fusionauth dashboard

Create a Tenant In FusionAuth

Create a tenant in FusionAuth to store your imported users. Tenants are unlimited, so create as many as you want. Create an API key and other supporting configuration as well.

Export User Data, Then Import It

Install the Import/Export extension and download your user data. Open a ticket and request your password hashes. Load both using FusionAuth provided scripts. Use the FusionAuth APIs to migrate Auth0 configuration such as Connections.

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Customize the Login Experience

With FusionAuth's advanced theming capabilities, make your login pages hosted in the FusionAuth instance look exactly like your site. You can also localize the entire authentication experience; communicate with your users in their preferred language.