Auth for Any App.

FusionAuth provides authentication, authorization, and user management for any app: deploy anywhere, integrate with anything, in minutes.

We got this. Go build something awesome!

Built for Devs

Built for Devs

We built FusionAuth from the ground up to easily integrate with any app, language, and framework. Every feature (yes, every single one) is exposed as an API giving you complete flexibility to handle any use case.

Complete Identity Solution

Identity Solution

You get every feature and acronym you need: registration & login, passwordless, SSO, MFA, SAML, OIDC, OAuth, JWT, social login and more. Comply with GDPR, HIPAA, COPPA, and PCI requirements in seconds.

Works Anywhere

Works Anywhere

FusionAuth installs on any platform, any computer, anywhere. Host it yourself or use FusionAuth Cloud, our fully managed SaaS hosting service.

What is FusionAuth?

The Ultimate Platform For Secure Access Management

FusionAuth is a complete identity and access management tool that saves your team time and resources. Implement complex standards like OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML and build out additional login features to meet compliance requirements. It's built for devs to deploy anywhere and integrate in minutes. Go build something awesome!


Upgrade Your Auth.

Download FusionAuth and get started - no plans, registration, or credit card required.


Better Than Saas Solutions

FusionAuth gives you all the features of SaaS platforms plus true data isolation, the ability to deploy anywhere, transparent & scale-friendly pricing, and awesome-sauce support.

More Secure Than Home Grown

Secure identity is massively complex. A talented dev COULD do it all, but it takes months to build, test, and maintain. Use our one-minute install and spend your resources on something that makes you money.

Simpler Than Open-Source Identity

With FusionAuth you get every feature with one easy install–no additional modules or configuration scripts to muck with. Plus, FusionAuth is built on modern technology, simple to deploy, and scalable to hundreds of millions of users. Just download, deploy, and integrate with our RESTful APIs. Simple.


Any Platform, Any Framework

Install FusionAuth anywhere and integrate with anything in minutes.

Trusted Worldwide

500,000+ downloads on six continents.

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Download FusionAuth Now

Use our FastPath install, Homebrew, Docker, and traditional packages to download and install FusionAuth instantly.

We got this! Go build the cool stuff!


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Auth is complex. We share everything we know.