FusionAuth vs Auth0

If you're a developer looking for an alternative to Auth0, you may be wondering which platform to choose. Auth0 may be sufficient for those looking to set up basic authentication with UI form templates. But once you start needing advanced authentication features (like passkeys, multi-factor authentication, and single sign on among others) or support from actual authentication engineers, Auth0 starts to become less-developer friendly.

FusionAuth is different. We're built by developers, for developers. FusionAuth's API and SDKs let you customize your user login experience without compromising on security. You can deploy in any infrastructure and works with any codebase.

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Why switch to FusionAuth?

FusionAuth has the secure features you expect from your auth solution. Plus everything you'll need to go from beautiful login forms to complex auth scenarios.

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Why choose FusionAuth vs Auth0

Multi-Factor Authentication
Single Sign On
Social Logins
OAuth 2
Open ID Connect
Machine to Machine
Add On
Rules and Access Control
JWT Support
Support & Hosting
Custom Support & Uptime SLAs
Managed Cloud Hosting
Control over Releases & Upgrades
Branding & Customization
Basic UI Registration Forms
Multi-Page Registration Forms
HTML & CSS Editor
Plans & Packages
MAU Limits Before Paid Plan
7,000 MAU Limit
Unlimited MAU
Transparent Pricing
The details

Why choose FusionAuth vs Auth0


Flexibility and control over hosting for
customer private data is a critical

At Auth0, your data is on a shared server with other Auth0 customers.

With FusionAuth, you can either self-host in your infrastructure or FusionAuth will host on a dedicated server within AWS.


Scale auth without busting your budget.  

Auth0 pricing is complex and costs continually rise as features are deployed.

At each level, FusionAuth includes all plan features and cost scales solely on volume.  And only FusionAuth offers a free tier with truly unlimited volume.

Engineering Support

FusionAuth makes it easy to your hardest technical questions answered.  

FusionAuth is an engineering centric company with experienced authentication engineers providing first line technical support.

On our Enterprise plan you even get a dedicated Slack channel for 1:1 questions, migration and architecture support.

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Integrate with FusionAuth

We’re kicking off our partner program in 2023, so there are lots of ways we can work together. Co-marketing campaigns? Sure.  Collaborate on go-to-market. Why not?  Access to the FusionAuth product roadmap (including beta access). Yep!

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Give your clients the best Identity Solution

We’re kicking off our partner program in 2023, so there are lots of ways we can work together. Co-marketing campaigns? Sure.  Collaborate on go-to-market. Why not?  Access to the FusionAuth product roadmap (including beta access). Yep!


Frequently Asked Questions

Alternatives to Auth0

Check out our guide on the Top 8 Alternatives to Auth0. It covers the top free and commercial solutions plus a handful of open source alternatives to Auth0. We're obviously a bit biased toward ourselves, but understanding the options for your unique business challenges is important.

Auth0 vs Okta: What's the Difference?

Auth0 and Okta are both Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) providers that offer cloud-based solutions for authenticating and authorizing users across applications and services.

Auth0 is designed to be an identity platform that enables developers to quickly and easily add authentication and security to their applications, regardless of the technology stack being used. Auth0 provides features such as social login, multi-factor authentication, and password management.

Okta, on the other hand, has a broader focus and offers a comprehensive suite of identity management and access control tools for enterprises. Okta's platform provides a range of services, including single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, API access management, and lifecycle management for user accounts. Okta offers integrations with a large number of applications and services and has tools for managing user identities at scale.

In 2022, Okta acquired Auth0. While they initially indicated that Auth0 will remain a standalone product, they have recently integrated it into the Okta Customer Identity product. What that means is that developers are seeing their prices increase, more complicated support tiering that is less-than-helpful and other "corporate synergies" that aren't as developer-friendly.

One user on G2 left a review for Auth0 saying that the "new pricing models doubled the price for a reduction in service consumption. Was bullied on meeting 20-day window to accept the offer or leave service.....there will be no further business personally with this company nor their parent Okta." Developers are now exposed to the cost structures of Okta, which could be higher than what they have been accustomed to before.

Open Source Alternatives to Auth0

Check out our guide on the Top 8 Alternatives to Auth0. It covers some open source alternatives to Auth0 like Hanko, Authelia, and Supertokens that you might consider.

Auth0 migration

Hundreds of companies and thousands of developers have migrated from Auth0 to FusionAuth. We've got a few resources to help you out:

(1) Technical Migration Guide
(2) Things to know when migrating from Auth0 blog post
(3) Our Identity Experts - our team can help you select the right plan and go through the migration steps.

When you are ready to migrate, you'll need to export your data and them import into FusionAuth. With the password hash export, no password changes are required, and your users won't experience any disruption. Migrate other entities such as Connections, Roles and Rules manually. Or, if you have a lot of configuration, script the migration using Auth0 and FusionAuth APIs

Auth0 Pricing vs FusionAuth Pricing

Auth0 typically offers a tiered pricing model based on the number of active users and additional features. But when you reach the MAU cap of 7,000 users you are forced to
FusionAuth is transparent with our pricing. The community edition of FusionAuth can be downloaded and run for free. Test out integrations with other identity providers, including unlimited OIDC and SAML connections.

And when you are ready to move into production, simply select how you want to host FusionAuth (a managed dedicated, private cloud instance in AWS) or self-host yourself in any infrastructure you choose. As you grow in MAU count or want more advanced features our team is here to support you -- including our actual engineers; yep, you'll talk to the team building all the auth-some features at FusionAuth.