Identity Authentication and Gaming

Identity Authentication and Gaming

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Identity Authentication and Gaming Ebook focuses on specific needs of gaming and esports developers.

Like most applications, gaming and esports apps typically need some form of authentication and authorization. Depending on the game, a user’s account may be anonymous, pseudonymous, or tied to a real world identity.

If a game is single player and single device, authenticating the user may not be required, but once a game is available across devices or can be played with friends or others, game developers need to build authentication. And with authentication comes authorization, where some users may have access to different kinds of functionality.

In this ebook we'll discuss various topics like:

  • How to secure user accounts, and why that’s so important in the context of gaming
  • How the OAuth Device grant can help users sign into your game more easily, especially when a platform has limited input mechanisms, such as a console.
  • Best practices around one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of game development: user registration on launch day.
  • What identity proofing is and why you might need to do it.