Advanced Registration Forms

Build multi-step custom registration and admin user management forms for your applications.

Add custom form fields

Add custom form fields

Use standard form fields like email, name, and password, or create your own. Custom fields can be strings, numbers, and more. Validate user input to ensure no invalid data is submitted.

Create multi-step forms

Create multi-step forms

Create multi-page registration forms, providing contextual instructions and collecting different information on each step. Don't overwhelm your users during the sign up process.

Edit user data in the admin UI

Edit user data

You can edit user and registration data using the FusionAuth admin user interface. Set up different admin forms for different tenants and applications; build the user management interfaces which work for you.

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Typically an application collects sensitive information in a registration form. Passwords are the canonical example, but other types of data may need to be treated carefully, such as a social security number or other government identifier. When collecting sensitive data, keep it secure throughout the multi-page process.


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Building a complicated registration form capturing data custom to your application has never been easier. Use the registration form builder to create multi-step application specific registration forms.

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Create custom fields

Custom fields can have different data types, validation and form controls. Create as many as you need.

Build your form

Assemble custom and standard form fields into one form. You can split the process into multiple steps if needed.

Capture needed data

Your registration form gathers all the user profile data needed for your application. It's all stored in FusionAuth and accessible via API.

External resources

Blog post: Multi-step forms and conversion rates

"When Vendio, a website building tool ran an A/B test with an on-page form versus a multi-step form, they saw a 214% increase in leads. Similarly, BrokerNotes, a B2C financial lead gen website used multi-step forms and their conversion rate increased from 11% to 46%."


Research: Designing acceptable user registration processes for e-services (PDF)

Signup friction was impacted by factors including the number of credentials required, any delay in the process, such as waiting for an activation email and whether registration requires an interruption of a user’s routine.


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