Auth Every Way You Want

Every type of registration, login, authentication and authorization you need for all your apps in minutes, not months.

Deployment options

Authentication Anywhere

FusionAuth provides quick and easy authentication to any type of application including web, mobile, desktop and console apps. You can build a native login experience or use FusionAuth's OAuth, OpenID Connect or SAML v2 front-ends.

Industry Standards

Industry Standards

FusionAuth supports the most popular industry standards including OAuth 2 (with Introspect and PCKE support), OpenID Connect, and SAML v2 (POST binding). SCIM support coming soon as well.

Elastic Search

Social and Business Logins

Add social logins to your app in minutes. You can also add federated login with Active Directory, Ping and many others with SAML v2 or OpenID Connect.



The Passwordless revolution has begun. FusionAuth supports email-based passwordless login and is adding FIDO, out-of-band and many others in the coming months.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

FusionAuth makes multi-factor authentication simple. You don't need to buy an expensive add-on. FusionAuth supports SMS and code-based MFA out-of-the-box. You can also add "Remember this Device" using our Two-Factor device ids.

Device Trust

Device Trust

Remembering users that previously logged in reduces friction and increases retention. Refresh tokens make remembering user devices simple.

Anomaly Detection

Anomalous Login Detection

FusionAuth automatically detects anomalous login events such as brute-force attacks. You can easily lock user accounts when attacks happen. We are also working on advanced attack detection that will be available in 2020.

Family Relationships

Families Relationships

FusionAuth provides a robust family modeling system. Parents and children can be added to families and children can also be included across families to handle cases of divorce. You can also support advanced consent models such as COPPA and Email Plus.

FusionAuth Roles


FusionAuth supports role-based authorization as well as fine grained permissions as custom data. You can authorize users via OAuth or OpenID Connect making integration with your application simple.

FusionAuth Groups

Groups & Roles

FusionAuth Groups make it easy to model concepts like companies and organizations. You can also use Groups to control access by selecting roles that Group members receive when they log in.

FusionAuth is Complete Auth for Any App

FusionAuth is a complete solution with no sacrifices.
We got this. Go build something awesome.