Connect FusionAuth to LDAP or API data sources. Then, authenticate or migrate users contained in that datastore.

Supports LDAP and APIs

Supports LDAP and APIs

Connectors securely communicate with LDAP directories, such as Active Directory. They can also connect FusionAuth with custom HTTP APIs, allowing authentication against homegrown user datastores without a painful data migration.

Migrate or authenticate

Migrate or authenticate

Once a user is authenticated against a connected datasource, you can easily migrate them to FusionAuth. Or, leave their data untouched in the original datasource; FusionAuth can transparently delegate authentication.

Segment your users

Segment your users

Connectors can be configured to run only for users matching certain domains. Only those users will be authenticated against the datasource. The user's data stays in the original store while they enjoy the FusionAuth login experience.

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[During a slow migration] you can also upgrade the user’s password. If the old system stored the password as an md5 hash, on migration you can use a more modern hashing algorithm, such as bcrypt.


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FusionAuth can federate with Microsoft Active Directory, or any other LDAP directory with Connectors. This allows you to maintain data for some users in Active Directory, while other users are managed by FusionAuth.

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Connect to an LDAP directory

Create a Connector to authenticate users against any LDAP directory, including Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP or others. Extract attributes from the LDAP data and map them to the FusionAuth user data model.

Secure your HTTP API

When using an HTTP API as a data source, lock down access. You can use basic auth, client certificates, custom headers, or any combination.

Configure a tenant to use a Connector

Tenants can have multiple Connectors. Each Connector can apply to one or more domains. Or you can have all users checked against a Connector.

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