machine to machine authentication fusionauth

Machine-to-Machine Authentication

Go beyond users by assigning permissions to servers, systems and devices.

machine to machine authentication fusionauth
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Secure Machine-to-Machine Communications

Passwords aren’t great for security. They’re complex, and they can be forgotten, reused, and compromised. Despite being risky, however, passwords are still used often as the only source of authentication for apps within an organization. FusionAuth lets users authenticate in a number of ways, depending on your needs or the needs of your users. 

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The ability to assign fine-grain permissions to millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, as well as grant users permissions to certain devices, means you’ll have control over exactly who can make changes to your devices’ settings. 

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Authorization For Any Entity

Provide your users with a uniform experience across all your applications by customizing SMS notifications and emails with your brand voice. Localize authentication messages for any language to ensure your messages are understood.

Per User Device Permissions

When you’re working with contractors, partners, and clients, it’s important to be able to manage exactly who has which permissions. FusionAuth is able to grant deeply nuanced permissions at the individual level, rather than at the department or company level. 

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Ultimate Control Over Permissions

Easily create, manage and edit permissions at a granular level, across all applications. FusionAuth scales with your users, and won’t bog down your developers in tedious permission management.

Manage Everything Via the API

When you have millions of devices, you have to automate. FusionAuth’s full-featured APIs let you grant, revoke and manage permissions and entities from your application or the command line.

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