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Passwordless Authentication

Reduce risk with one-time passwords and passkeys. Passwordless authentication improves security and supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) without sacrificing user experience.

passwordless authentication
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What Is Passwordless Authentication?

Passwordless authentication is exactly what it sounds like: authentication methods that do not require a password. This could mean passkeys, authenticating credentials through device biometrics, or hardware token security keys.

Passwordless authentication means users don’t need to create, remember, or otherwise deal with password management. It also means that your business isn’t relying on often-weak passwords (1234, anybody?) to verify user identity and protect your data.

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A Better User Experience for Sign In

78% of people say they’ve had to reset their password in the last three months. 30% find resetting passwords stressful. Passwordless authentication makes signing in easy, secure, and stress-free. The passwordless experience lets you simplify your authentication process while removing vulnerabilities related to password reuse, credential stuffing, and phishing attacks.

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Boost Security with FIDO2 Standards

Passwords play a huge role in data breaches. Credential theft is one of the most common forms of cybercrime. By eliminating passwords, you also eliminate an attack vector. Passwordless authentication is based on FIDO2 Webauthn standards using private key and public key pairs. Implementing passwordless authentication through hardware tokens, facial recognition, or other biometric authentication methods native on a user’s device means that password-based authentication is a thing of the past.

Passwordless Authentication

Increase security while simplifying your end users’ login experience. Allow for secure access via mobile device.

Per-Application Passwordless Login

Go passwordless on all or just some of your apps. Choose which applications get the passwordless functionality using our UI or API.

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Register and Sign-In with Just One Tap

FusionAuth supports Google One Tap which displays a prompt on top of your application page enabling users to sign or sign up for your app with just one tap using their Google account. It provides a frictionless login experience without sacrificing security.

Passwordless Authentication Works Everywhere

Reach your users where they are by letting them sign in from any device – mobile, tablet, or desktop.

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Passwordless Login with Magic Links

FusionAuth sends a one-time sign-in link to your users’ email accounts by default. You can also send the link via SMS to their phone number, or a push notification using our APIs.

Login with Face or Fingerprint Passkeys

Leverage device-native passkey authentication through biometrics such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to verify end users and provide a secure, passwordless login experience.

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Customize and Localize User Messages

Templates let you tailor your confirmation messages with your branding and messaging in the language the user expects for a seamless user experience.

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