Security, Data Control, and Compliance

Our engineers know their security and data regulations. Data control regulations and security requirements are always evolving and FusionAuth makes sure you are always protected.

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Regular Pen-Tests

We complete regular penetration tests of FusionAuth and our cloud hosting infrastructure and configuration to ensure that everything is secure. We are happy to share the results with customers in support contracts.

SOC2 In The Works

Our SOC2 compliance is in the works and should be completed in early 2020. If you need preliminary reports, let us know.


FusionAuth's architecture makes compliance easy. Your data is isolated and secure no matter where it is hosted. Our cloud infrastructure is compliant as well.

Customizable Consent

FusionAuth provides the ability to create and manage any type of consent. Simply create a consent model and apply it to users. It's that simple.

Configurable CORS

FusionAuth's CORS configuration is easy to customize to fit the needs of your application. No need to code or work in configuration files. Everything is simple to manage in the FusionAuth UI.

COPPA Family Support

Building an application for kids? FusionAuth provides a complete family management system that makes COPPA compliance simple. Even Email Plus is built-in.

Get all the details in our documentation or contact us for specific questions.

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