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Gaming & Entertainment

Simple, secure authorization for all of your users.

user gaming entertainment management fusionauth
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Lots of Users? No Problem.

Stop getting bogged down by auth. FusionAuth scales to 100s of millions of users without impacting the performance of your system. We’ve even load-tested to thousands of logins per second.

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Easy Login & Registration

We offer comprehensive documentation, guides and a forum to speed up your development process and give you the tools you need to integrate  fast, secure authentication. 

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Customizable & Brandable User Experience

Login screens, registration, emails and messages — brand everything your users see so your audience has a seamless user experience. Localization ensures you’re all speaking the same language.

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Manage All Your Users, Right Out of The Box

FusionAuth’s pre-built user management UI lets you create user profiles, groups, manage permissions, and lock accounts, while using our reports to monitor logins and usage. Want to use your own UI? Everything is exposed as an API giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Self Service Account Management

Let your users manage their own profile data, passwords, and other login details, like MFA devices and policies.

user self service account management
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Flexible Hosting

Host FusionAuth where you want: your own public cloud, data center, or under your desk. We’ll even host it for you in any region on FusionAuth Cloud.

Advanced Threat Detection

FusionAuth protects your environments from attacks with advanced DDoS protection, bot detection, rate limiting, breached password detection and more.

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FusionAuth Is A Complete Auth for Any App

FusionAuth is a complete solution with no sacrifices. We got this. Go build something awesome.