Work at FusionAuth

Interested in joining the team? We aren't VC funded, but we are growing insanely fast and need your help to grow our business. Find our current open positions below.

We make really good software

We make really high quality software, we sell it to those who want to buy it, and we spend money once we make it. We are building a high quality team in order to maintain the highest levels of excellence in everything that we produce.

We are bandwidth-constrained

Our business has grown much faster than our company. When prioritizing features, those that end up "below the line" are dropped from near term plans due to lack of people to implement them. We have set a high bar for the quality of what we create and how we support our clients. We are not prepared to sacrifice that for quantity of output.

We want you to help us

In order to achieve world domination er, continue to grow the business, make a profit and provide the best customer experience in the industry, we need your help. We need you to be hyper focused on every detail, believe in serving our customers with integrity and striving for the highest levels of quality.





Note: Job titles are hard, everyone uses different terminology. We've added this legend to provide clarity. If you don't understand why we are using hashing algorithms in the job titles, there are some great articles on hashing that you might find interesting. And who knows, they might show up on an interview question.

Level 1 SHA-1 Software Engineer
Level 2  SHA-256 Senior Software Engineer
Level 3 SHA-384 Staff Software Engineer
Level 4 SHA-512 Principal Software Engineer

Developer Relations
Level 1 SHA-1 Developer Advocate
Level 2 SHA-256 Senior Developer Advocate