More Secure than Homegrown

Spend your time and resources on your app, not building secure authentication and identity. It's easy to switch.


Auth Is Complex and Doesn't Earn Revenue

Auth and identity are complex and can take experienced developers months to build, test, and then maintain, especially if they aren't full-time security experts. This opens you to risk, and takes you away from building features that earn you money.

FusionAuth installs in minutes on any platform, and integrates with any codebase or framework. You get all the features, security and performance you need for all your apps without lifting a finger. Here are a few reasons FusionAuth is better than rolling your own.

Everything you need

Everything You Need

FusionAuth is a complete identity and access management solution–no restrictions, no add-on modules. Check out the features you get out-of-the-box.

Deployment Options

Ability to Deploy Anywhere

FusionAuth is a universal solution that works on any platform and integrates with any codebase.

Constant Testing and Updates

Constant Testing and Updates

Our identity and security experts are constantly improving FusionAuth with new features and protecting against the newest threats.

Scalability to Millions of Users

Scalability for Millions of Users

We've tested FusionAuth to over 100,000,000 users. Grow as big as you like–we got ya covered.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

At-a-glance dashboards show your users' daily and monthly activity for essential business insights.

Freedom to Earn Revenue

Freedom to Earn Revenue

Auth doesn't earn revenue. Put your developer resources into building cool features that delight your customers and earn you money.

FusionAuth is Complete Auth for Any App

FusionAuth is a complete solution with no sacrifices.
We got this. Go build something awesome.