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Once you get past the 'free developer version,' SaaS solutions become a complex web of pricing tiers, upgrade-only features, and not-my-expertise support staff.

FusionAuth gives you all the features of high-cost SaaS platforms plus true data isolation, the ability to deploy anywhere, awesome support, and transparent & scale-friendly pricing that won't break the bank.

FusionAuth gives you:

True data isolation

Whether you choose FusionAuth Cloud or install us on your own servers, FusionAuth supports only your applications and your data. Read more about single- and multi-tenant solutions in this whitepaper.

Ability to deploy anywhere

FusionAuth is a universal solution that works wherever you need it. Any platform, any location, any device, any use. Learn more here.

Knowledgeable support

We have a team of engineers (not customer service representatives) who understand auth and are here to help you solve your identity challenges. Check out our community to get a feel for how we roll.

Every feature from day one

Every feature of FusionAuth is exposed as an API from the day one. No pro-tier restrictions, no feature crippling. You get it all.

Transparent pricing

No pricing gimmicks, no limited trial programs, and no upselling for premium features. Download FusionAuth and use it. If you need hosting or support, our pricing is clear and affordable.

Download and install us in seconds to see how easy it is to get up and running, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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