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APIs Galore

Nearly every feature of FusionAuth is accessible via our APIs. That's because we built the APIs first and our UI on top of them. This means that you can perform any action in FusionAuth from your application whenever you need.

Client Libraries

We've built client libraries in a variety of languages including Java, C#, PHP, JavaScript and many more. We also have example apps to help get you started.

Simple Deployment

FusionAuth is simple to deploy on any server, anywhere in the world. We have Docker images, Kubernetes support, Debian packages and RPMs as well.


FusionAuth was built to run on any platform. Whether you use Mac, Linux or Windows, FusionAuth will work.

JWTs and Tokens

FusionAuth provides support for JWTs and refresh tokens. Even if you aren't using our OpenID Connect integration, you can still have FusionAuth build JWTs and refresh tokens for you.

Custom Data

Regardless of your requirements, FusionAuth can handle it. You can store custom data on Users, Applications, Registrations, Tenants, and Groups.

Webhooks and Kafka

FusionAuth can fire events to Webhooks in your backend. It can also publish events to Kafka topics. FusionAuth currently fires events including things like user creation, user login and many others. We're also adding new events all the time.

User Events

FusionAuth allows you to create customizable user events (we call them user actions) that you can fire on users. These events can be time-based or singular events and are great for handling rewards, discipline (blocking, muting or banning users) or workflow integrations with your backend.


Gone are the days of horrible web UIs to try and map user data into JWT or SAML claims. FusionAuth lets you write JavaScript snippets that make mapping claims and handling federation responses simple.

API Keys

FusionAuth API keys are simple to create and provide the ability to lock API keys to specific APIs. Revoking keys is also a snap.

Get all the details in our documentation or contact us for specific questions.

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