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User Management & Reporting

Manage your users and monitor their activities with dashboards, groups, and detailed reports.

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Full User Management System, Right Out Of the Box

Everything you need to manage your users is there when you set up FusionAuth; our pre-built user management UI lets you create user profiles, groups, manage permissions, and lock accounts, while using our reports to monitor logins and usage. Multi-tenant? Manage all of your users from a single admin UI. 

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Easily Manage Roles and Tenants with Groups

Groups help you streamline management by logically grouping users. You can also easily assign many users the same role within your applications with Groups. 

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Unlimited User Roles

There’s no cap on the number of roles a user or a group can have within an application. Define as many roles as you want in any application for fine-grained access control.

Custom User Data

Don’t mess around with APIs (unless you want to!) – manage custom user profile data with customizable admin forms, right out of the box. 

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Ultimate Control Over Permissions

Easily create, manage and edit permissions at a granular level, across all applications. FusionAuth scales with your users, and won’t bog down your developers in tedious permission management.

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fusionauth reporting


FusionAuth ships with pre-built reports so you can track logins, registrations, and active users. 

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Audit Logs

Utilize a full audit logging system and the ability to add your own custom audit log events.