Growing customers fast? No problem. FusionAuth scales to millions of users across thousands of tenants and applications.

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thousands of logins per minute

1000s of Logins Per Second

Launching new applications that everyone wants to see?  FusionAuth supports thousands of logins and registrations per second without end user delays.

scale 100 millions of users icon

Scales to 100s of Millions of Users

Really. We know, because we’ve tested it. If your user base is growing, there’s no need to worry about slowdowns; every aspect and component of FusionAuth was built to scale easily. 

auto scaling continerization with docker kubernetes

Seamless Auto-Scaling With Containerization

FusionAuth loves containers! We make auto-scaling simple by providing Kubernetes support and Docker configurations that help you deploy and scale easily.

out of the box clustering icon

Out of the Box Clustering, Wherever

FusionAuth is built to scale horizontally. If you experience growth, we grow with you. Add a node and it will be discovered automatically.


What Our Customers Are Saying

The implementation is so much more intuitive than Auth0. I can run it on my own infrastructure and out of the box it supports everything I need. And more!

Nathan Carlson

Great tool! And all the right features plus awesome support.

Chris Obdam
Betty Blocks

The FusionAuth team has been extremely helpful. They really give you the attention you need to solve any identity challenge.

Danny Davis
Wonder Giant

I am blown away by FusionAuth. You just saved us $800-$1,500 per month from Auth0 pricing. They're gonna hate you.

Mirza Fazlic

"FusionAuth is an amazing product. Tons of features and the support is the best in the industry."

Marc Pearson
IT Consultant

I achieved in a single day's work what took a week and a half with Gluu. FusionAuth is just that simple to use.

Mike Rees
Growth Partners

We almost purchased Auth0, but we found FusionAuth and we all thought it was too good to be true. It's not!

Scott Plunket

FusionAuth works great for small companies with small budgets. Community Edition has tons of features and Developer Edition is startup budget friendly.

Jordi Mèlich

It's a huge win for us that we can self-host FusionAuth. Not only do we have extremely low latency for API calls, but also no rate limits. We were previously with Auth0 and their APIs and UIs were rate limited. This often made them horrifically slow.

Dan Spiteri
Hero Balancer