passwordless authentication fusionauth

Password Control

You get more control of your passwords and hashing than you ever asked for. Change allowable characters, adjust your hashing algorithm to common standards or add your own. It's up to you.

passwordless control fusionauth
choose any password you want

Any Password

FusionAuth allows users to select any password they want. Spaces, punctuation, uppercase, lowercase, Unicode, Emoji, and even line art all work. They can even use a password with 237 characters if they want.

secure hashing

Secure Hashing

FusionAuth supports industry standard hashing algorithms and doesn't force you to use only one. You can also upgrade a user's security during login with a stronger hash. FusionAuth even has a plugin system that allows you to import users with any hashing system without requiring them to reset their password.

configurable constraints

Configurable Constraints

You control the password constraints for users including length, character requirements and reuse policies. FusionAuth will enforce the policies you select allowing you to comply with regulations quickly.

Password Resets

FusionAuth provides a complete password reset workflow. You can use our email template systems or an external email provider. You can also handle password resets via FusionAuth's APIs.

password resets

User On-Boarding

Allow admins to create accounts for new users but let the user select their own password. Gone are the days of sticky notes and emailing plain text passwords.

mobile user on-boarding
password validation

Password Validation

Once you configure your password rules, FusionAuth will enforce them across the board. Set it and forget it.