FusionAuth was built to scale to 100s of millions of users. Don't worry about horribly slow APIs or logins here.

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Scales to 100s of Millions

Every aspect and component of FusionAuth was built to scale. Don't worry about things slowing down like other solutions. FusionAuth can always keep pace with even 100s of millions of users.

Stateless APIs

FusionAuth's APIs are all stateless. This means that you can easily horizontally scale nodes to handle increased volume.

Elastic Clustering

FusionAuth uses Elasticsearch for our full-text search engine. Elasticsearch can be clustered and horizontally scaled to meet your needs.


FusionAuth provides Docker and Kubernetes configuration that makes auto-scaling simple.

Lightweight Sessions

While some components of FusionAuth use sessions and require session pinning, our sessions are lightweight. This means a single server can handle tens of thousands of sessions or more.

Get all the details in our documentation or contact us for specific questions.

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