Single Sign-on

Add single sign-on to your custom applications or integrate with existing applications.

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Integreate custom applications

Integrate custom applications

With APIs galore and themeable login pages, provide the same experience across all your apps. Save time by using already implemented common auth workflows.

Works with SaaS and off the shelf software

Works with SaaS and off the shelf software

Does it support SAMLv2 or OIDC? Is it commercial, proprietary or open source? If the application supports the standards, you can use FusionAuth as your identity provider.

Control single sign-on behavior

Control single sign-on behavior

Easily control how long each tenant's SSO session is valid for. When a user signs out of one application, should they be logged out of all the others? You decide.

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If a session doesn’t exist for a given application, or expected values aren't present in it, then the session must be created or updated after the user has presented valid credentials.


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Set up Zendesk to use FusionAuth as its identity provider in less than 10 minutes. Users can log in to FusionAuth and access their Zendesk customer or agent views.

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Configure FusionAuth as a SAML IdP

Set up a new application in FusionAuth and configure the ACS and other values to have your FusionAuth act as the IdP for applications supported Security Assertion Markup Language.

Configure SSO session length

Configure how long the single sign-on session lasts; it can differ for each tenant.

Find OIDC integration details

Once you've configured your application in FusionAuth, find the well known endpoints and other details you need to finish an OpenId Connect integration.

External resources

Research: An Evaluation of the Clinical and Financial Value of Work Station Single Sign-on in 19 Hospitals

"Following SSO implementation [for workstations], first-of-shift login was reduced by 5.3 seconds (15.3 percent), and reconnect login duration in the remainder of the shift was reduced by 20.4 seconds (69.9 percent). The total weekly time savings realized by SSO was 943.4 hours (the equivalent of 78.6 12-hour shifts) across 19 hospitals, a mean of 49.7 hours (4.1 shifts) per facility."


Research: Towards Adoption of Authentication and Authorization in Identity Management and Single Sign On (PDF)

"SSO ensures that users do not have to remember their authentication credentials for every application that they need to login in. Removing the necessity of having to remember multiple credentials also reduces the risk of being easily targeted by losing their credentials to the intruders."


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