User Management and Reporting

You can monitor and manage your users and applications with at-a-glance dashboards, easy to configure groups, and detailed reporting.

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Full User Management UI

FusionAuth comes with a pre-built user management UI. Nearly everything you need to manage your users is there.

User Searching

Using FusionAuth's full text search, you can quickly find users based on their name, email, or even custom attributes.

Multi-tenant Management

Even if your application or environment has multiple tenants, you can manage all of your users from a single location. No need to jump around interfaces to find and manage users.

Audit Logging

FusionAuth provides a full audit logging system and you can even create custom audit logs via the API. This is useful when tracking down changes or ensuring you are compliant with regulations.


FusionAuth ships with a number of pre-built reports including logins, registrations, daily and monthly active users.

Account Locking

FusionAuth's account locking feature makes it simple to lock user accounts that are violating terms of service, have suspicious activity, or for any other reason you might have.

Get all the details in our documentation or contact us for specific questions.

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