Register a User & Login

1. Overview

This tutorial guides you through the basics of registering users and logging them into Applications using the FusionAuth APIs.

2. Register a User

In order to register a User, you must have first created an Application. A tutorial for creating an application is provided in the Application overview. Once the Application has been created, you are ready to call the API to register a User.

There are two APIs that can be used to create the User and then create a Registration for that User in the Application you create. In most cases you will want to create the User and register them in a single step. This can be accomplished by calling the /api/user/register (combined) API.

However, you can also create the User and then register them for the Application in separate API calls. This method would make use of the /api/user API followed by a call to the /api/user/register (for an existing user) API. We recommend using the single API call, but in some cases, calling the APIs separately is preferred.

3. Login a User

Once you have create a User and registered them for an Application, you can authenticate them by calling the Login API.